Encompass Partnerships


We provide a partnership community from which to inspire, plan, and live out the gospel, and a facility that can be used by any partner as needed.


Our Work

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We Partner For One Reason

What does it mean to be marginalized?

Many people are marginalized from society and a fulfilling life because they are homeless, poor, trapped in slavery (yes it’s in our city), are recent immigrants or of a different race.  These and many other reasons puts many “at the edge” of the attention and care of our broader society.  Its not that they are out of reach.  Truth is, we keep them out of reach.

Why is it so necessary to reach out to the marginalized?

It matters that they be cared for and included by the human family.  It matters for the health of a society. It matters to the Creator who made them.  We have a profound belief that no one is ever to be left out of experiencing the all-encompassing love and abundance God promises.

How does encompass partnerships address this issue?

Encompass Partnership's aim is to restore dignity, worth and an ‘abundant’ life to these members of society.  We do that by bringing together a community of individuals, mission/social agencies and churches who are focused on these communities through a partnership model.  By leveraging ideas, resources, skills and a facility, we can multiply impact and lower costs in service of the marginalized.


Vision + Mission



Our city will know Gods’ transformative love because of our commitment to demonstrate that love to the very edges of our society. His love encompasses all mankind; no one gets left out.



Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to Calgary’s people among whom it has not yet gone or gained full expression by facilitating partnerships with Christian and other community partners, be they individuals, agencies or churches.


Core Values + Accountability

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Encompass Partnerships exists under the authority of the Western District of the Alliance Churches in Canada. However our mandate is to work with any and all who are committed to our purpose.




Visions, like rivers, are fed by many smaller streams; over time and distance, a vision is formed. That is the story of Encompass. 

In September 2010, executive director Harv Matchullis was tasked by his denomination to research and develop a plan to engage churches in welcoming New Canadians.  Our city, and even our own churches, often marginalize immigrants.  As a concept for a “New Canadian Ministry Centre” was being developed to welcome and sustainably integrate New Canadians, we realized that our definition of marginalization was too narrow. There were many in Calgary who are not linguistically or culturally defined whom the gospel of Jesus has not been expressed to in any meaningful way.  (It’s unlikely they would ever show up to a church!)  The same ‘go to them’ contextual approach to reach immigrants would be most effective for reaching a broader group living in the margins of society. 

Thus, we formed Encompass Partnerships in 2012, a name with dual meaning: 1) That God’s love encompasses all humankind, where no one is ever left ignored at the margins; and 2) That we embrace partnering as our ethos for reaching those experiencing marginalization. We knew there were people already engaged in reaching them, but they often work in silos. Thus, we became a hub, a centre, a community & a launch point for engagement with the vast array of languages, worldviews, lifestyles and beliefs that exist in Calgary.

We purchased our current location in January 2013, and after extensive renovations we opened our doors to partners in July 2014. We started with six partners and have grown to 11, with many more in our constellation of ministry relationships.

We are driven to ensure that the City of Calgary notices Gods transformative love because we actively demonstrate His love to the very edges of our society.  His love encompasses all humankind.  No one is left out.


We will be migrating to a new donor management system in January 2017 that will make partnering with Encompass easier and more dynamic. To make a 2016 year-end gift that will help empower the marginalized and most vulnerable in Calgary, the button below will take you to our current Canada Helps account where you can give via credit card, PayPal, or Interac (through most major banks).