Thanks for visiting our website.  As you can see, things have changed. 

Many of you may know that as of February 1, 2019, I announced that the ministry of Encompass Partnerships was entering a significant period of transition.
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The mission has been reduced in scope; however, the Encompass board is in a process of discerning how to best manage and steward the overall vision, which is to ensure that the least reached and marginalized peoples of Calgary will experience the transformative love of Jesus.   

Let me clarify that despite these changes, Encompass’ doors are still open!

The Encompass building remains open for any Kingdom-minded organization who wishes to advance their purposes from our location here in the NE sector of Calgary. Encompass also remains open for rentals. Whether it’s a wedding, conference, seminar, board meeting, or other event, the Encompass building is a great venue with a variety of spaces to accommodate your needs. There are also a few time slots for churches looking for a regular place to gather. See the links below to access pictures of the facility and rooms as well as to make a booking or inquiry

The Encompass support team is more than happy to help you out.

For general inquiries about the Encompass building and ministry, please contact Johnson Charles.

What God begins, He completes. Encompass now awaits the next iteration of what God had in mind when He started the vision that lead to Encompass. Appreciate your partnership in prayer.