We are a partnership community that leverages our cowork space and resources to collaborate with and build the capacity of those inspired to reach the most marginalized communities in Calgary.

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What does it mean to be marginalized?

People who are marginalized from society experience multiple barriers to a fulfilling life for a myriad of reasons, including homelessness, poverty, modern day slavery (yes, it’s in our city), immigration, or identifying with a minority subculture. This puts many at the edge of the attention and care of our broader society. However, it’s not that they are simply out of reach; truth is, we often keep them out of reach.

Why is it so necessary to reach out to the marginalized?

It matters for their dignity and psychosocial health. It matters for our society's resiliency and socioeconomic health. It matters to the Creator who made them and wants no one to be left out of experiencing His all-encompassing love, heart for justice, and promise to restore this world. Reaching out and caring for the marginalized helps our society to flourish. 

How does Encompass Partnerships address this issue?

Encompass Partnerships helps restore dignity and an abundant life to people pushed to the margins of society by bringing together a community of individuals, missions and social service agencies, and churches who share a similar mission to reach the marginalized. Our cowork office and programming space naturally encourages collaboration to leverage each other’s skills and experience to enhance ideas, multiply impact, and share common costs.

Besides keeping the lights on and water running, our staff have years of experience in church leadership, mentorship, and the non-profit sector that can all be leveraged by our partners. (Read about our Partnership Model.)



Our city will know and experience God's restorative love to the very edges of our society. His love encompasses all—no one gets left out.


Demonstrate the all-encompassing love of Jesus Christ to the marginalized and most vulnerable in Calgary by fostering partnerships with like-minded community partners, leveraging our facility and resources for greater collective impact, and developing initiatives that address social and economic gaps in our society. 

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Christ is the Core

We believe that Jesus Christ is the core of the Gospel story for the restoration and healing of the world. We do many things to express the Gospel, but it is only Jesus who completes the story.


Diligently Seek

We diligently seek the heart of Jesus’ teachings and guidance of the Holy Spirit in our planning and implementation.


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Focus: The Marginalized

We focus on extending the love of Jesus to those who have been pushed from the core of our society into the margins. They are the most underserved and vulnerable in our city. 


Power of Partnership

We create synergy through partnerships for the Gospel and honour diversity of strategy in the pursuit of our mission.


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All Contexts

We communicate the Gospel in the context of where people live. There is no language, lifestyle, worldview, or human condition where Jesus cannot be known. No one gets left out.


Responsibly Steward

We steward the mission, facility, resources, and partners of Encompass Partnerships with integrity and accountability.




Encompass Partnerships is an initiative of the Western District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. Our mandate, however, is to work with any and all who are aligned with our mission.



Visions, like rivers, are fed by many smaller streams; over time and distance, a vision is formed. That is the story of Encompass Partnerships. 

In September 2010, executive director Harv Matchullis was tasked by his denomination to research and develop a plan to engage churches in welcoming New Canadians. Our city, and even our own churches, often marginalize immigrants. As a concept for a 'New Canadian Ministry Centre' was being developed to welcome and sustainably integrate New Canadians, we realized that our definition of marginalization was too narrow. There were many in Calgary who are not linguistically or culturally defined whom society (and, again, even our own churches) has pushed into the margins. The gospel of Jesus has not been expressed to them in any meaningful way, and it’s unlikely they would ever show up to a church! The same ‘go to them’ contextual approach to reach New Canadians would also be effective in reaching a broader group living in the margins of society. 

Thus, Encompass Partnerships was formed in 2012, a name with dual meaning: 1) That God’s love encompasses all humankind, where no one is ever left ignored at the margins; and 2) That we embrace partnering as our ethos for reaching those experiencing marginalization. We knew there were people already engaged in reaching them, but they often work in silos. So we became a hub, a centre, a community, and a launch point for engagement with the vast array of languages, worldviews, lifestyles, and beliefs that exist in Calgary.

We purchased our current location in January 2013, and after extensive renovations we opened our doors to like-minded partners in July 2014. We started with six partners and have grown to 11, with many more in our constellation of ministry relationships.

We are driven to ensure that the City of Calgary notices Gods transformative love because we actively demonstrate His love to the very edges of our society. His love encompasses all humankind. No one is left out.

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