Encompass Partnerships collaborates with our partners go to the edge of society to reach the most vulnerable. Our cowork office and programming space fosters organic collaboration between partners that leverage each other’s skills and experience to enhance ideas and share common costs. 

In addition to offering a coworking facility, Encompass staff have years of experience in church leadership, ministry development, mentorship, and the non-profit sector that can be leveraged by partners to help build their capacity and enable them to grow in their mission and impact. 

Our partnerships exist and move along a continuum from informal, relational connections to full-time “tenant” partners, depending on capacity and need. Strategies and tactics in fulfilling a common mission are unique to each partner, but each align with the following partnership principles.


Shared Mission + Purpose

Strategies and tactics will vary among partners, but are aligned with Encompass' mission. (Read about our Mission.)



Encompass Partnerships acts as a hub that creates synergy between partners while keeping each partner focused on the mission.


Trusting Relationships

We gather together throughout the year as a dynamic learning community of practitioners. Our relationships are built on celebrating each other’s milestones, collaborating on best practices, and breaking down barriers together.


Clear + Specific Objectives

Each partner develops measurable objectives to achieve a tangible outcome towards the common mission.

Not Inherently Permanent

We are a conduit that helps our partners achieve the common mission. As our partners develop and grow, we check in annually to ensure they are in the best place to succeed. 

Shared Cost

Sharing a facility spreads overhead costs across all the partners and creates opportunities to collaborate on relevant programs and events. 

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Greater Innovation + Creativity

There have been over 51 new community initiatives developed by
partners since the inception of Encompass Partnerships

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Decrease Cost

Our partners list the shared facility as one of the top advantages
to joining Encompass Partnerships in being able to have an
affordable venue for office space, meetings, and events.

Sharper Leadership Focus

Half of our partners have already experienced greater vision, focus, clarity, and personal leadership growth through the coaching of executive director and partnership facilitator, Harv Matchullis.

Incubator for Emerging Ministries

Our collaborative nature encourages innovative approaches to reaching the marginalized. We value thoughtful experimentation and risk-taking in developing scalable and sustainable strategies. Three of our current 10 partners made their start at Encompass Partnerships.

Increase Reach Through Supplementing
Each Other's Services

In 2016, Encompass Partnerships reached over 2,500
Calgarians through our partners.

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Strengthen Programs

Since joining Encompass Partnerships, one church has experienced over 33% growth, while another has grown by 25%.


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Tap Complimentary Skills + Abilities

 Our cowork space fosters organic collaboration between partners that leverage each other's skills and experience to develop more innovative ideas and enhance implementation. Most partners list the collaborative atmosphere as a top advantage of partnership in fulfilling their mission.



Partnership leverages relationships, knowledge, competencies, gifts, and resources to accomplish something greater than the sum of its parts. If you resonate with one or more of the statements below we'd love to have a conversation with you.

  • I am more committed to a collaborative outcome than being given sole credit for it.

  • I have an idea for ministry to the marginalized but need help thinking it through or getting it off the ground.

  • My ministry shares the same heart as Encompass and wants to connect with a community of like-minded people for coaching, mentorship, and collaboration.

  • I have a growing ministry to the marginalized that needs flexible office space and/or programming space.

  • My ministry has grown and needs regular office and/or programming space.

  • My church is doing something aligned with Encompass' mission, and I want to explore what collaboration could accomplish.

  • I am with a social service agency that needs extra space to deliver our programs.

  • I believe that no one should be left out of experiencing God's all-encompassing love and promises of restoration and healing.

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Anchored Warriors

Inspiring youth through hope and change that impacts the heart of Aboriginal communities.

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Calgary Punjabi Christian Church

A Punjabi speaking church which makes disciples among South Asian communities.


Christ Heals in Low Lights (CHILL)

Providing a safe and belonging community where individuals who have been affected by sexual exploitation are empowered, equipped, and educated.


New Canadian Friendship Centre

Coming alongside new immigrants and supporting them as they transition into their new life in Canada.

New Covenant Alliance Church

An Arabic speaking church that is predominantly South Sudanese (but open to all) and leads people to experience God’s love, grace, and hope.

Praise International Fellowship

A culturally-rich church where all people are welcome as they celebrate diversity.


Rockpointe Intercultural

Bringing hope and transformation to new Canadians, immigrants, and refugees by helping them find and fully follow Jesus.

Serving in Mission

Building healthy urban churches to reach their global neighbours.