New Covenant Alliance Church

How we demonstrate God's love

  • Beinging a vibrant, outsized Community Church that recognizes Jesus as her cornerstone

  • Seeking to expand by sending out followers/disciples of Jesus around the world with a vision to birth new churches in both Canada and South Sudan

  • Mentoring next-gen youth in spiritual, cultural, and other life matters

Our Core Values

  • GOD FOCUSED | Becoming a God centred people

  • SPIRIT EMPOWERED | Becoming born again people (regenerated), to be filled with the Holy Spirit, Led by the Holy Spirit, and desiring the Holy Spirit

  • BIBLICAL AUTHORITY | Faithfully Studying and Obeying the perfect, living Word of God. Teaching the true Word of God

  • COMMUNION WITH GOD | Staying Connected, Listening, and Responding to His voice and connecting with the people

  • DISCIPLESHIP | Equipping, Encouraging, Training, Teaching & Leading people to become more like Christ

  • MISSION ORIENTED | Proclaiming Jesus Christ to all the people of the earth both locally and globally

  • COMMUNITY | Living the Christian life together as God’s children

Church Activities

  • WORSHIP PRACTICE | Saturdays @ 6 pm
  • BIBLE STUDY | Saturdays @ 5 pm
  • SUNDAY SERVICE | Sundays @ 1:30 pm
  • PRAYER & FASTING | Fridays @ 7 pm

Contact Information

  • PASTOR ANGELO RINO | 587.893.0031
  • SUNDAY LAKO | Women's Ministry Leader | 403.775.0299
  • LUCY NATANA | Church Administrator, Prayer and Fasting Leader | 587.894.6372
  • KHAMIS JEANRO | Worship Leader | 403.305.3465