The Tables Are Set

We don’t have a picture of a homeless person in a downtown alley.
We don’t have a picture of an abandoned person on our city’s streets.
We don’t have a picture of a disaster in which we are engaged.

But we do have this:

The tables are set. 
Check out the invitation list.

We don’t know their names, but we know whom Jesus tells us to invite.

Christs’ intent whether we are comfortable with it or not, is that at the literal and figurative ‘table’ of our homes, churches and relational circles must be the “poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind” (Jesus’ own words in Luke 14).  Jesus expects these tables to be a microcosm, a representation of the widest range of the human condition.  He has food for all of them and He commands us to go to them. Even if it means heading out to the roadside and highways to invite them.

Encompass is on the road, inviting people on the margins of society to come to the table.

  • Our Intercultural Church walks the streets of downtown Calgary to ensure the homeless have clothes and food.
  • Girls emerging from the sex industry gather here twice a month for a community meal and support.
  • Immigrants come to learn skills for integration and often gather in our community hub for tea, simple conversations and an atmosphere of welcome.
  • The Punjabi Church hosts meals after most services creating a welcoming place where many have come to know Jesus in the context of hospitality.
  • Through “Engaging Neighbourhoods” Encompass & SIM Canada train believers to focus their energy and lifestyle on engaging their local, social and even virtual neighbourhoods. Many won’t come to a corporate table, but they will come to the table of their neighbour.

Jesus’ table isn’t set to serve just physical food.  It serves welcome, hope and grace that communicates, “It’s OK to be you,” because Jesus receives you as you are. Therefore we set a table of welcome for Calgarians marginalized by society, and sometimes even by the church. 

Please consider providing a place at the table by supporting Encompass financially before year end. 
You’ll support 10 partners setting tables for those yet to encounter the grace of Jesus.  We’re doing that for around 3000 people each year.

Here’s a Table Setting Guide to direct your giving choice

  • $50 - The gift of English language training for an immigrant

  • $200 - Community dinner for girls exiting sexual exploitation
  • $500 - Engaging Neighbourhoods training for a church
  • $1000 - Launch costs for a ministry to at-risk youth

Set a table with us.  Provide the food of welcome in Jesus name to those at Calgary’s margins.

How can you give to maximize your 2016 charitable donation and your personal impact?

1.  Mail a cheque payable to Encompass Partnerships to:

Encompass Partnerships
3851 54th Ave NE
Calgary AB T3J 3W5

2.  PayPal (This takes you directly to Encompass' Paypal page)
3.  Canada Helps  (This takes you directly to Encompass' Canada Helps page)

In 2017 watch for a completely updated website and better access to giving options.
Thank you for your donation!

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